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    I am looking for a Nano ESP forum in English. I purchased the Franzis Maker Kit this past summer from Elektor. I finely have had some time to experiment with the board. However, I have not had any success with AT+CWLIF, AT+CWLAP, ATCWJAP= reading my IP. I did have the CWLIF work once work once but was not able to complete the rest of the steps in Chap 1.1 of the book on pages 14 and 15 of the English version of the book. Attached is a screen shot



    Additional info the AT+CWMODE=1 and AT+CWMODE=2 see attached When MODE= 2 IP of the controller equals



    Hi Pokes,
    first of all, I do not own the Franzis Maker Kit and unfortunately I do not see any attachments.
    Please provide your Firmware version: AT+GMR
    What is the output when you try:



    CWMODE=1 and CWLAP = see attached



    Hi Sermo,
    Unfortunately I am unable to attach photos to bc of their size and I have been unsuccessful clipping and pasting. As for the firmware GMR it is the most recent from the site, The CWMODE = 1 is 1 and the CWLAP sees everything except my device when it is MODE is 1, I can see my device on my IPhone but not on the computer through the USB port. I am able to make make MODe changes to the device and download the new firmware and have it repeat on screen commends but it does see the IP address on the wireless network through CWLAP. Isn’t that strange?

    I will post more when I get back from vacation. Thanks for trying to help. I wish somebody owned the kit then I could refer to the instructions. However, you may be able to help me determine whether the device is working properly. I wish the owner of the device or Franzis would comment here.

    Thanks again, I will right back when I get back home in Jan. 8th.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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