(Deutsch) Der Conrad Adventskalender IoT – 2016

Shorten the waiting time for Christmas with exciting and enjoyable experiments done with the Internet of things. Thereby send push messages on your smartphone or build an alarm system with a motion sensor that informs you of suspicious movements. Learn how to use various web services, such as Twitter, and use the protocol for the Internet of things: MQTT.

The Internet-of-things advent calendar contains all construction pieces for 24 experiments, including a uniquely developed hardware board with integrated WLAN-module which can be progammed via the free Arduino IDE.

All circuits are assembled on a breadboard without soldering. At the same time, you get useful hardware and programming knowledge in a playful way. With the help of the illustrated handbook, all 24 experiments can be built and tested without prior knowledge. You do not have to type out the individual source codes, since they are made available for download.